IBB is a social experiment in the nature and it's freely inspired by the burner culture; it is based on a deep contact of every participant with the environment, with the others and with himself/herself.

The event promotes simplicity, gift and sharing economy as a liberating experience and therefore it's not compatible with a commercial approach.

IBB is about creativity and art as opportunities for a personal growth and inspiration for everyone. During the event days, all participants are free to express themselves in their own way without feeling judged, respecting the unitary spirit of the participants and fitting their needs in it. Unity is a chance to expand our awareness, because the others are like a mirror.

Although they might have a different level of commitment, all participants are equal and the event is shaped up only by their creativity. Moreover, all the persons are responsible for themselves and they bring what they want to find for material and immaterial needs. In the camp there will only be activities, services and infrastructure that someone has offered to create.

We rely on levity and immediacy as a leitmotif of IBB, because the present is the only moment we really have.

We have the utmost respect for the place that is hosting us and we try to integrate ourselves by minimizing our impact. IBB is born, grows and disappears in the nature.

Everyone's ways, times and needs are understood and respected. Any cultural or social approach is welcomed when it is not conditioning other participants. All those who share this manifesto are welcome.